Phone Specification Database with images

Phone Specification Database contains 7.966 phone info records, from old to new with quality information and images.

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Phone Specification Database Detail


Phone Specification Database give you full information in depth about phones from the year 2000 until today. You can use this perfect database to improve many website/application features such as phone comparison, phone search, phone category or just for advertising a new phone device for your customers, that will make your your visitors engage your service and thus, generate a huge profit.

What will you Get?

File: Phone Specification information with images

Size: 700MB

Format: Mongodb

Demo: Download (without images)

Collection Info and Statistics

1. Collection: spec

Field Records Percent Type Comment
_id 176.353 100% Mongodb ObjectID Unique Identifier.
title 7.966 100% String Name of device.
category 7.966 100% String Category of device.
meta 0 0% JSON array Meta information of device. JSON array
pros 4.731 59.38% JSON array Advantages of device.
cons 7.375 92.58% JSON array Disadvantages of device.
image 7.864 98.72% String Path of artist image. (Folder: images)
description 7.894 99.1% String Description of the device.
specs 7.966 100% JSON array All related specs of the device, vary format, included many useful information:
  • Device type, OS, Dimensions, Weight, Materials, Main body, Features, Rugged, IP certified, Colors, Resolution, Pixel density, Technology, Screen-to-body ratio, Features, Camera, Flash, Aperture size, Hardware Features, Software Features, Settings, Shooting Modes, Camcorder, Features, Front-facing camera, Features, benchmark, System chip, Processor, Graphics processor, System memory, Built-in storage, Storage expansion, Capacity, Type, Talk time (3G), Internet use, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi, Music playback, Video playback, Screen mirroring, Music player, Features, Radio, Speakers, Additional microphone(s), GSM, UMTS, LTE (FDD), LTE (TDD), Data, Nano SIM, Multiple SIM cards

How to Import mongodb database

Option 1: Import all collection

mongorestore <database_folder_path>

Option 2: Import collection one by one

mongorestore --db=phone --collection=spec <your_path>/spec.bson

What is the price?

You can get this with only: $149 (~0.018$ per record)

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You may need this dataset in other formats. Currently, the database formats that we support are: MySQL, Mongodb, CSV. PLease contact us via email: [email protected] for more detail. Note that an additional fee may apply.