Poems Database with poet images

Poems Database contains about 47.000 poems and poet records, from different poets all around the world. It's large collection that you may need to build your own wiki poet/poems services.

current price: $139

Poems Database Detail


Poems Database provides rich-text data about 1.500 poets with about 46.000 famous poems. The database can be used to build poet search engine, poem lookup or just complete your available related-services. You will love this poems/poet database.

What will you Get?

File: Poems/Poets information with images

Size: 80MB

Format: Mongodb

Demo: Download (without images)

Collection Info and Statistics

1. Collection: poetry

Field Records Percent Type Comment
_id 46.334 100% Mongodb ObjectID Unique Identifier.
title 46.333 99.99% String Name of poetry.
content 46.331 99.99% String Poetry content.
poet 46.333 99.99% String Name of Poet

1. Collection: poet

Field Records Percent Type Comment
_id 1.449 100% Mongodb ObjectID Unique Identifier.
poet 1.427 99.90% String Name of the poet.
bio 663 45.76% String Biography of the poet.
image 1.364 0% String Avatar path of the poet. In Folder: images
poems 1.424 98.27% JSON array List of poems of the poet. JSON array

How to Import mongodb database

Option 1: Import all collection

mongorestore <database_folder_path>

Option 2: Import collection one by one

mongorestore --db=poems --collection=poetry <your_path>/poetry.bson
mongorestore --db=poems --collection=poet <your_path>/poet.bson

What is the price?

You can get this with only: $139 (~0.0029$ per record)

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But, WAIT...

You may need this dataset in other formats. Currently, the database formats that we support are: MySQL, Mongodb, CSV. PLease contact us via email: [email protected] for more detail. Note that an additional fee may apply.