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Email Database from whois database contains 916.184 email records, with addition information such as name company, domain, phone, address, country,...

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Email Databse contains 916.184 email records with full information about the owner, the data is collected from major whois database, lastest update in 2018, contact email of people who own at least one domain name, you can use this trust email list to reach more customers for your services.

So, What we will give you?

File: Email list from Whois database

Size: 178MB

Format: MySQL

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Table Info and Statistics

1. Table: emails

Field Records Percent Type Comment
id 916.184 100% Identifier Unique Identifier.
name 916.184 100% String Name of the domain owner
email 916.184 100% String Email of the domain owner
company_name 501.073 54.70% String Company name the of domain owner
domains 916.184 100% String Domains of the domain owner
phone 916.093 99.99% String Phone contact of the domain owner.
address 914.851 99.85% String Address of the domain owner
city 915.603 99.94% String City of the domain owner
state 826.117 90.17% String State of the domain owner
country 915.947 99.97% String Country of the domain owner
date_add 916.184 100% String Last check date of the record

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You can get this with only: $79 (~0.00008$ per record)

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